The first NFT marketplace & Crypto swap.

Amacrux is an open-source decentralized marketplace that provides practical modules for minting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) represented as useful digital assets in the real and virtual worlds, allowing buyers and sellers to interact with collectibles, apply to online stores, and participate in crowdfunding rounds.

Powering the Amacrux protocol.

The AMAX is a utility token serves main four purpose:


The AMAX token is fuel for the whole platform. However, Amacrux marketplace services will offer both AMAX and other cryptocurrencies for payments.


Ultimately, all transactions will be executed using AMAX, especially for users who want to get additional benefits.


Participate in staking to access privileges in the marketplace and, at the same time, earn. AMAX tokens as a reward.


Staking on Amacrux will take two major forms: unlocked and liquid staking (using NFTs).


AMAX token holders will have complete control over the protocol following a DAO structure.


The DAO will allow participants (AMAX holders) to obtain the rights to make important changes to the platform's policies, including managing exceptional events such as protocol upgrades and fixes.


There are two main AMAX deflationary mechanisms.


First, 30% of the gas fees spent on the marketplace are burned in real-time. Second, the protocol will burn AMAX every 6 months based on the buyback of tokens from the Treasury Fund.


Start improving Amacrux using Solidity and the tools you’re already familiar with: Hardhat, Infura, and Metamask. Amacrux will use smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum network to automate functions characteristic of an NFT marketplace, such as asset creation and import, auctions, item transactions, etc.

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Secure multi-chain platform

Amacrux aspires to allocate multiple blockchain networks to create a globalized and interoperable NFT market, enabling P2P asset trading using the most robust EVM-compatible chains in the crypto space.

Open source

Amacrux's code is completely open source. Anyone can contribute to the codebase, run a node, propose updates for frontend and backend elements, or build services on the platform.

developer friendly

Use Infura to connect to Ethereum nodes and start improving the Amacrux protocol.

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